Used Mobile Home Lenders

Getting a loan for a mobile home used to be considered a personal loan. Now, more than ever, owning a home can be a dream come true for many people. The number of lenders providing mobile home loans is increasing, but many of them only finance new homes. Used mobile home lenders are available, however, and are eager to help consumers make their dream of home ownership a reality. As with any type of loan, finding out the specifics and comparing options is the best way to find the loan that is right for each individual.

MH Loans

MH offers loans for both new and used mobile homes. They are one of many used mobile home lenders that cater to those who will keep their home on leased land, such as in a mobile home park. MH Loans has years of experience helping people to find and buy a used mobile home. There is a variety of loan options, and applying is easy online. MH Loans has helped many people sort out the details to find the best used mobile home loan to fit their personal needs.

BD Nationwide Mortgage

BD Nationwide Mortgage works with a variety of agencies to help obtain the best loan possible. They have information about how the FHA insures loans, as well as information about VA loans. Along with a number of other used mobile home lenders, BD Nationwide Mortgage offers the option of a fixed rate loan. In addition to being a traditional lender, they help to find and qualify for loans which may be available for people wanting to buy a home.

Mobile Home Finance Online

Mobile Home Finance Online claims to offer the most competitive rates on loans available. They specialize in mobile home loans, so are familiar with the subtleties and nuances of mobile home lending. Buying a used mobile home has a unique set of pros and cons, so working with a business that specializes in it makes the process run much more smoothly. Mobile Home Finance Online works with consumers in any state across the US.

21st Mortgage

The Berkshire Hathaway company 21st Mortgage offers a huge variety of loans for mobile homes and is one of the most respected used mobile home lenders. This is a company that specializes in mobile and manufactured homes, including used models. They have won several awards in excellence and customer service, making 21st Mortgage a well respected name for the industry and customers alike. They offer loans for used mobile homes as well as home and home/land combination loans.

When seeking a loan for a used mobile home, one way to maintain peace of mind is to check out the FHA qualifications for insuring such loans. Used mobile home lenders are held to the same standard as all financial institutions, but it is best to check into the individual details of each company. Try getting several different quotes and then compare them to find the perfect used mobile home loan for you.


Mobile Home Lenders For Bad Credit

Used Mobile Home Lenders