Information About Leading Mobile Home Lenders in the United States

Finding financing for mobile homes isn't always as easy as for traditional housing. In fact, up until a few years ago, it was nearly impossible. With the help of mobile home lenders, home ownership is possible for many more people, clearing the way for many who have opted for mobile home living. The rates and fees are often less than with traditional home loans, so there has never been a better time to check into buying the home of your dreams.

JFC Lending Group

JFC Lending Group specializes in loans for mobile homes with which land is not an issue. In other words, this company works only with mobile homes that are to be placed, or are already placed in mobile home parks. JFC Lending Group has been providing loans since 1994, enabling individuals with good credit to buy their dream homes. They have competitive rates and are able to work with consumers on a national basis. This lender requires only 5% down to finance a mobile home.

MH Loans

Since 1995, MH Loans has been a leader among mobile home lenders. They offer financing as well as refinancing with several loan options. There is a 5% down payment, and are able to take over financing from other companies. MH Loans offers fixed rates and direct withdrawals as well. In contrast to some of other lenders, there are no application fees or other hidden rates that can easily surprise a consumer.

Vanderbilt Financing

Vanderbilt has over 30 years experience as a mobile home lender, and specializes in mobile and manufactured home loans. This company offers pre-qualification and total online control of accounts. Vanderbilt is able to provide loans for mobile homes both on and off of lots, setting them apart from most mobile home lenders. A wide variety of loan programs are available from Vanderbilt Financing.

21st Mortgage Corporation

Some of the many benefits of 21st Mortgage Corporation include no prepayment or application fees. Their fixed rates run from 7.99% to 18%, which is very competitive. They provide home, and home/land loans for mobile home purchases, which eliminates the need for leased land. Closing costs, for customer convenience, are figured into the total loan amount, decreasing the amount of money needed up front. The first year of insurance can also be financed.

Chase Mortgage

Chase has established itself overall as a reputable financial institution, and currently is among the leaders in lenders for mobile homes. Chase has won the LBP (Lenders Best Practices) award for excellence in mobile home lenders. They maintain a standard of superior service by providing loans with competitive rates and low fees overall. Chase has withstood the test of time in providing financial services above and beyond other institutions.

Choosing among lenders will take some time, but there are more providers than ever before. As with any loan, reading the fine print can eliminate many loan problems. Owning a mobile home is gaining respect, which means more lenders are joining in to provide financial backing. It is best to speak with several different lenders and compare notes to find the best loan for you.


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